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Take control, let go of what is weighing you down or holding you back.


Welcome to your first step towards transformation! Our hypnotherapy sessions are tailored to embrace a wide spectrum of goals, each designed to guide you towards finding balance and rejuvenating happiness in your life. Dive into the journey of self-discovery and empowerment, and let us help you navigate through the process of positive change. Feel lighter and revitalized, knowing you're exactly where you need to be.

Curious about whether our services align with your unique path? If you don't see what you're searching for, we're more than eager to explore the possibilities with you. Schedule a complimentary consultation with us today. Let's discover together if hypnotherapy is the key to unlocking your fullest potential.

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This program is a six week online journey designed to give you a full reset of energy, goals, and purpose when undergoing significant change. It is delivered as 1-1 90 minute sessions, using hypnotherapy tools and techniques, providing education and coaching on personal values (what makes us tick).

This can range from how to tackle your fear or heights or fear of failure, or shift your mind from a phobia to being free of worry. Hypnosis techniques work with you to subconsciously shift to feel great positive change where you can safely have the mindset to do it anyway.

Hypnosis guides your mind to convert the voice in your head to believe and know that you are good enough, you are loved, and whatever anyone has told you in the past should only be there to serve your best self (which is you all along)’.

There are so many ways to try to be the “perfect” shape or size when perfect doesn’t exist. Hypnosis can show you how to love the skin you are in and help you achieve your weightless goals in one.

Invest in yourself

In the hustle of putting others before ourselves, it's all too easy to sideline our own needs and forget the importance of nurturing our relationship with ourselves.

Are you poised to unlock the immense power of your thoughts, emotions, and actions? Ready to liberate yourself from the emotional burdens that tether you to bygones? Welcome to a space where transformation begins with a single step – yours.

Embark on a tailored hypnotherapy journey crafted just for you- whatever your need. Drawing from years of experience and a diverse client background, my mission is to deliver unparalleled results, optimizing every moment we share. Your journey to change starts here, with a commitment to not just meet, but exceed your aspirations.

Hypnotherapy Hesitations?

Here's What You Need to Know

Based in Calgary, Canada but can work with anyone anywhere in the world through Zoom

35st SW Calgary


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Delivering Real Results

Feedback from clients


“I thoroughly enjoy every session I have with Sue. Highly recommend if someone is struggling with depression and/or anxiety. She has helped me immensely.”


“Sue is amazing. Life changing experience!

She is compassionate, engaging and cares so much. You feel so refreshed and ready to take on the world after each session... thank you Sue!”


“Sue is patient, highly skilled and a fabulous communicator. I trust her completely and the process has been measurably beneficial for me. “


“I was not sure what to expect, but I can absolutely say I’m blown away by Sue and the results she has helped me achieve! The sessions I’ve had with her have increased my focus and productivity, and have been a blessing in both my personal and professional life. Sue made me feel completely at ease right away and has handled each session with compassion and purpose. She has delivered exactly what I needed to reach the next level and hone in on where I need to focus my energy. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Sue!!”

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