How we can work together.

You know how heavy and held down your emotional baggage makes you feel. It affects every part of your life and impacts how you show up in the world.

If you are uncertain about which program to choose contact me for anĀ initialĀ conversation. You might prefer to start your journey with a personalized program. This commitment starts off your journey using hypnotherapy to achieve the results you desire.

If you feel you want a change, to transform yourself, or build a habit, one conversation is all it takes to turn that into real action, real change.


About Sue.

Sue Evans is a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mindset Success Coach & Personal Values Consultant .

She specializes in providing professional, modern subconscious mindset reprogramming and guides her clients to make profound improvements by helping them overcome emotional blocks, fears and habits when everything else has failed. She is passionate about teaching powerful strategies which ultimately allows for release of causal events resulting in strong confidence and self-belief.

Sue is a Board member of ARCH - the Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists in Canada.